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Be a Farmer

Agriculture will be your next option.

Looking for farm house plot ?

Perfect farm house plots on the bank of river.

If you want to purchase land kindly please pay some attention here just for 2 minutes…!

Don’t look at the land investment in only financial aspect which will give you profit after some time when you sell it.
Of course the piece of land which you purchase now will give you lot of profit after selling it ; but why dont you think in other way. Philosophy in which we belive is just suitable for someone who think in different way. Try to invest your money in the betterment of the mother earth along side with the piece of a plot(land).

Short information for better decision…

Do you know ? what really you want ? and What do you want to get through it ? and taking this decision is usefull or not ? Can you achieve what do you want by taking this decision?

First you think to buy a agriculture land and search begins. But if you want to get a farm, then what use would it be worth to use and for that purpose would it be achieved at that place? And can you maintain that objective? you should know all this things. If you want to get a farmhouse then it is not limited to taking a farmhouse, but there are so many things that it should be in the farmhouse. How far should it be? What should be around him? There should be an idea of ​​the comforts and needs of those places before you can make a decision.

To maintain the confidence in the investment linked to it, you should invest only if you know about the land type, the development around that land, or the development mentioned in the land, because if the investment is in the context of the land. Investment return is depends on all the above things. If you have all the above things we will study, know, and according to your will and purpose, we will achieve your objective by studying the above, so we think that your objective can be achieved in farming, farmhouse and investment. If there is a different kind of information beyond the three things, due to partial information in the decision making, then it can make the decision wrong by the lack of information about you and the advice of the wise people you have imparted.

Even though information advice and your confidence are good, we eat the soil (bad decision) and go away from our intentions because we think about our budget and make decision by beliving  on someone’s  false commitment.  because for us unrealistic Things seem to be realistic when we make decisions. We play gamble by making this dicision and believing that this deal is realastic and all this happen due to greed they created inside us. Then at that time, we can not blame anyone because we have money while taking decisions.

We must decide after studying all the things if  we want to fulfill our objective. Determine the budget on information you have, your intentions, if you are calculating budget according the completion of the purpose, then your intentions and interests will never be achieve, do not decide your project according to the budget, decide the budget accordingly your project.

Something seems to be somewhere in our mind (and we always think about it) that somebody has housed some house and something has been acquired, so if you are going in search of it, then whatever you have found, those who have earned whatever, they took good advice and information before taking decision. The first thing to know about those people that  they have ability to take decision on perfect time and only such decisions can be successful. If someone got something then there is no assurity that you will get exact same thing … !!!

Our Projects

Agro Farm

We are developing Farm House project on riverside of mula river. This Mrunmai Farm project is 35 km far from Pune city.

Royal Paradise

The Royal Paradise is dam view farm house project. It is 60 km far from Pune located in nature Scenic “Velha” village.

Sai Agro

We are developing  Sai Agro Farms Project which is 150 km far from Pune. This project is 40 km far from Satara.

Yes,We are Nature Lovers..!

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“We love nature, feel nature. The very first step for us is to create and maintain a green community.”

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