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About Us

Explore our thoughts and our vision. We are Nature Lover’s

Nature Lovers

“Creating a nature Lovers Community”

We love nature, feel nature. The very first step for us is to create and maintin a green community.

“A real green community”. We welcome people who share the same passion and who seek happiness in agriculture and satisfaction trough its earning from different seasonal crops

Our Story

Yes, We are nature lovers, because we used to like swimming into wells, working on the farm from way beginning. After working we use to sit under the tree complete our lunch and used to sleep in the relaxful shades of the trees. We had two cows and goats. We loved those things and doing them whithout knowing the actual importance of that. Because at that we were attracted towards urban life style. We always thinks that we should go to the city. But after we came to city for job and Buissiness and spent some time, now this money and lifestyle annoying me. Because when money comes it brings transations, when transaction comes brings dedication of time for transaction in frame. We have to give lots of time to keep maintain our money , job and buissiness.If time is running ut of hand like this then was I have born only for earning money? for only to enjoy happiness? But truely i was the nature lover. But this buissness and job gave me unwanted post of ‘sir’ at some places, ‘Manager’ at others, some times ‘owner’ and now its made me ‘Developer’. but the word i am dying to heard is “The Nature Lover“.

In Business I have earned lots of money sometime lost some also. took loans and gave too. I became a man in business but didn’t live as I wanted. While doing business I spend a lot of time got some name, contacts, and experience. Now I want to use these experience and fulfill my dreams by becoming NatureLover again. People like me, who wanted to experience which I wanted to be, who agree with my thinking are hearty welcome into this. If you want to come with me only for experience then also you can take this experience free of cost. Beyond that, if you want that experience to remain with you for a lifetime you can have it. Business, the transaction will be only nominal here. I can give you as much service and advice based on my vast experience. I believe that we should nourish our nature interest first and our other motives will be fulfilled automatically. Let’s do this type of business. But If interest and verses are being neglected then there is no need of business.

Hope the loving relation will be intact, Thank You!

 Nature Lover's

         Creating a nature lovers community

“We love nature, feel nature. The very first step for us is to create and maintain a green community.”

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