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 We are developing a Farm House project on the bank of Mula river.


Agro Farm Project is 35 km from Pune city. This project is away from the  densest atmosphere of city and it is situated in the vicinity of Mother Nature with a view of river which everybody has dreamed.

We are launching this project with a special consideration of your happiness. We will ensure that you have a real farmhouse experience. We are offering a farm house plot with all the comforts.

There are three options for you :

1) Farm House Plot

2) Agriculture Land

3) Investment

1) Farm House Plot

When you take land for farm house, you must first consider some of the following things

If you have all the facilities in the farm house plot, then you can call it Farm House Plot. So what are you to consider when taking a farm house plot? While taking a farm house plot, you should have at least 20 to 25 feet road for each plot, light facility for every plot, 1 inch water connection, and this farm house plot should be remain green. So, there should be different kinds of fruit trees in the plot, and For this, there should be sufficient and continous water supply for the plants to survive, besides this you can also farm in the remaining area So there should be a river or dam nearby, So we can experience true farm house on the plot. And the other things to be done with this is that if the entire project is fenced with a fence, security guard and security cabin, then it can be a farm house plot, then we feel that we should take all these factors into account, and if all these comforts are there, then Due to the fact that the farmland is more than enough to satisfy that comfort …. So there is a difference between farm house plot and farm land’s pricing and it should be taken care of by all of us. And if you think about this and only then you can get your farm house plot or else you will have a farm house plot and you will have only and only free space in your hand.

A) We have started this project considering the whole thing and we want to provide you with all the comforts, so we are giving 324 rupees per sq.foot. In this we provide quick buy and control over land .

B) To meet all the comforts, the plot which we will take 1 year to develope  is the rate of 225 per sq.foot. If you feel our rate is much , but in this rate we’ve included the expense of your own comfort.

2) Agriculture Land

According to the needs and requirements of the farm land, its obligations and land rates are as follows

A) When we are taking the field of land, we must have a road up to the awakening, Water source should be nearby, In view of these two things, the expected rate at this place is only 1,50,000 per guntha. Our responsibility in this is to clear all the documents of the land and give the possession of the property and take 1 year responsibility of it. By taking all this liability into account we decided this rate.

B) If there are facillites like road up to the farm land, 3-inch water supply for the farm and elecricity pole then price will be 1,75,000 per guntha.

3) Investment

If you look at investing in farm lands, then we will have you an option for us to invest only. If you like the place or location after you have seen the place, then the plot will be given to you at the current rate of 1 lakh 50 thousand per guntha, After you buy it , after 2 years, the plot will be taken back from you by rate of 2 lakh 50 thousand per guntha. But you have to return the plot after two years. It is best way to invest money with fix outcome.

So, We gave you our three options to you.

Our request is that you see the site as soon as possible so that you can make the right decision.

You should see the location first, because then you can determine if the project is going to be achieve what you desire or not in  And this will benefit you – that you can get a chance to bargain the rate Because we ourselves buy land and develop it.

You can choose the right option, but you can decide all of these things by visiting location first. So if you want to buy something or want to know more about it, then we think you should talk about these things only after seeing the site.

Yes,We are Nature Lovers..!

If you like our concept and if you believe in our vision then please contact once.

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