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We are introducing our new project “Mrunmai Farm”. We are developing a farmhouse plot project on the coast of the Mula river. Project located 35 km from Pune city in the heart of nature. We believe in Nature’s touch.

We believe in consumer satisfaction that’s why we are providing all the amenities to you.

If you are looking for land for your new farmhouse please pay attention to following things

If the farmhouse plot has all the amenities we call it perfect farm house plot.

If you are buying a plot then each plot should have minimum 20-25 feet road, electricity connection, 1-inch tap water connection. To have this plot green all the year it should have trees planted in it and have a lush green lawn and sufficient water for their nourishment. Beside this plot should be nearby any river, lake or dam for cultivate remaining land and feel real farmhouse experience. With all, it should cover all basic facilities like wall compound around all project, security guard post, security system. If a plot has all these facilities then we call it perfect farm house plot.

I think you should consider all the above things and take the right decision. If a place providing all the amenities and facilities then the cost of that plot is higher than agriculture plot. To provide you with the comfort and facilities you want, there is a price difference between them.

And if you consider this thing only then you can get your perfect farm house plot. Otherwise, in the name of farmhouse plot, you will get a vacant piece of land.

We took all the considerations and thoughts and start this project. We want to provide all the amenities and facilities to you that’s why we are providing our plots at the rate of 300 per sq.foot. If you think we charge more then thought about what we offer security, facilities, natures touch. And the cost includes a charge for your facilities. We took care of all of your needs.

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