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Nature Agro Farm


Nature Agro Farm

            We are striving to give our customers the best option of 2nd Home in the vicinity of Mother Nature. Our locations have abundant biodiversity with the various species of flora and fauna,

            We have a clear view of historical fort Torna as well as Rajgad. We have a huge view of Gunjavani Backwater which is a tourist attraction for weekends. We also open projects at the most prominent nature loving and sonic location like Nivi, Kanand, Antroli at Velhe Pune at Gunjavani Water dam. We are not only providing a natural view but providing modern amenities also.

Nature Agro Farm’s

        Hello dear friends we J K NATURE LOVERS provides you different farmhouse plotting project in our previous schedule and you people got happiness because of our concept and your investment sometimes we thought that why we have to stop this and we launch new fresh and full natural view plotting site name Nature Agro Farm’s

              Basic things that common man expect in farming plot  or farmhouse plot like electricity, water connection, fencing, internal Road and form-based product which will help for economic growth sometimes it’s for hobby sometimes it’s for family sometimes is for future and only because of this we open our new concept farmhouse project Nature Agro Farm’s

Common Amenities:-

  •  Road.·
  •  Electricity.
  •  ½ inch water connection.
  • Plantation.
  • Drip irrigation.

Modern Amenities:-

  •       Restaurants.
  •       Garden.
  •       Cottages.
  •      Meditation Hall.

Project Amenities:-

  •  Entire project fencing.
  •  Designed Entrance Gate.
  •   Individual 64 kV DP For entire Project.
  •   Security Cabin.
  •   24×7 Securities.
  •   Overhead Water Tank For drinking water.
  •   Drip irrigation pump.

 Nature Lover's

         Creating a nature lovers community

“We love nature, feel nature. The very first step for us is to create and maintain a green community.”

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