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Sai Agro Farms

We are developing Sai Agro Farms project from 150Km from Pune.
while developing this project we took some important things in consideration. They are as follows.
Why do Land seeking custemer have to buy a land which is 150 km from city?
Though land has purchased by thinking over some points but think on what can we do in that land? After using that land for some time for purposes like farming, building of small farm house or any personal usage if you think about selling that land.
you will get a profitable benifit. After thinking alot on all these aspects we decided to develope this project.
As per your knowledge these type of lands are avilable in 60 to 65 km nearby but how do we manage to pull out this project on 150 Km distance?
If you think on following basic and fundamental aspect you will come to know.

1] Farming :

          For farming we need the roads which reach to the farm.These farms are in runnig condistion so we need some bsic requirements like electricity,Water, transportation of cultivated products from farm to market citiesetc.We consider all these thing and started this project.

2] Our responsibilities :

          although your farm land is far from your home its our resposibility to plant, cultivate crops like Dalimb,Sitaphal etc and transport that cultivated products to the market.

3] Thing to remeber while buying land :

         Sai agro farm is falls under agriculture zone so any agrucltural work you want to do there you can avail government schemes for that. Or for some reasons you want to sell that land you will get suitable benifits on your returns as it falls in agricultaral zone.
we have calculted estimate growth in market demand because of our idea in current and forthcoming projects nearby Sai Agro Farms.

Sai Agro Farms:

We are developing a agricultaral land project 150KM from Pune, You can reach here by Pune-Satara Highway or Via Faltan. Our project is jus 40Km near to Satara.  for each plot we have 20feet road, 3″ pipeline, fencing to whole project, and demarkation for every plot.  We are taking the resposibilty of cultivation of Dalimb, sitaphal in your land and its first outcome. If you are ready to cultivate your own farm then we can arrange all the arrangements.
We willl provide all the suitable tools for that. We have estimated value of 1 acre is about 9 Lakh rupee in prelaunching Offer.

It will Have two options

1]  9 Lakh for 1 acre- road,harvesting
fertilizers, all cost including first crop outcome till it reach to market.

2]  If you want just investment we will give you 1 acre in 6 Lakh but after 2 years
you will have to sell that land to us in 9 lakh 70 Thousand rupees. We will do such paperwork while selling land to you.

Farming or investment choice is yours..


We are doing all above things very conciously and imotionally,farminf is our passion. Thiss project is for those who love farming but dont have that much time. Our next generation must know what is farming. There is no possible existance of ours without farming in near future.

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