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The Royal Paradise

The Royal Paradise is Dam View farm house project.

It is about 60km from Pune, and in the scenic places of Vellha with the beautiful dam view of ‘Gunjwani Dam’. We are making this project in close confluence of all the historic places like Torna, Rajgad, Shinghad.


A little bit about The Royal Paradise Farm House Project & How you can get great farm house experiance after building a farm house here…

Vellha is 60km from pune, since due to heavy rainfall and having Gunjavani dam infront of location we can plant many fruit trees like mango, cashew nut, jackfruit, bamboo, greens, and planting of some Ayurvedic trees to keep our farm house plot green.

For every plot in The royal paradise we have arranged 25 Feet road, 20 Fruit bearing plants and plantation of herbal plants alog with the facility of drop irrigation for every plat, water tank.
For the scurity of whole project we implemented the chain linked fencing. 1 inch pipeline for every plot.providind splendid Opening gate with Security gaurd and cabin.we are providinf the plot at The royal paradise.
We can provide all the ammenities mentioned above only if the plot is sold on the price of Rs.100/Sq.Feet.

  Little bit about the confusion and fear in customers about vellhe….

At the time when we seek seek place in Pune and its surrounding for the purpose of Farm house, Agriculture or as a Investment . When we are searching for space, wethink where we can get maximum space for less money beacuse of this greed we ignor some things and also belive on some people and take our decisions in rush and we choose wrong. And that place, we ourself are responsible for the decision we make.

When we desire for more space in less money thenwe are truly greedy and when we take decision we look for nearby places from home like Bhor, Vellhe. By seeing advertisement of this places in property section of newspaper & some websites we thought that the we can buy plot there in cheap rate. But that is not true at all.

There are two talukas of Bhor and Vellhe at 55 to 60km friom Pune. Everybody thinks that  they can get a place in cheapest rate in this talukas. Have you ever thought if you buy a cheap place then is it really be useful for living ?

Causes of getting plot in cheap rate at Vellhe and Bhor.

Bhor and Velhe is totally situated in mountain ranges of Sahyadri. Thats why government has implimented private forstry zone over there. It also have some Terms and Conditions which you never took in consideration while byuing a land.
If you think over those conditions you will never buy that land.
If you bought a land by considering zone and condition over the mountain range then the development you are doing there (and costing for that)means if you want to build road to the land you need to carve the mountain. for carving a mountain you need to pay suitable royalty to the gov. office.
Getting permission from Government office is not a easy task because it does not have a fix MRP.Another thing you badly need for your project is Water. For getting water for 12 months in a year you need to dig large amount of farm lakes.
Although Bhor and Velhe region have nice amount of rainfall but because of mountain region it does nat stay on one place it flows through rivers and other mediums. To tackel this you can move for the borewells and wells.If you think on this points then you realize that getting land for cheap is a hoax.
Today you are seeing the ads of land pricing 3,5,7,10 Lakhs/ acre after adding this points you will get those in 20,30,40lakh/acre.
Dear customers we are requesting you that please dont decide the rates by seeing advertises only. Spare some time of yours visit those lands and then decide what kind of land you are getting in the given rate.Is it possible to you to use that land and do whatever you want to do ?

Look at the place first then think next … this is our request…

Yes,We are Nature Lovers..!

If you like our concept and if you believe in our vision then please contact once.

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